North American Barbados
Blackbelly Sheep Registry


Barbados Blackbelly Breed Standard

Desirable Traits

Undesirable Traits

Disqualifying Traits

Tan to dark brown body color

Nearly white or nearly black body color

Pure white, grey, or black body color

No white markings

White tail tip or small white markings on legs, <10% of total body surface

Large areas of white on body >10%; substantial spotting

Meagre fleece, shed in spring; clean legs and face.

Very slow shedding

Wooly, matted or cotted fleece that does not shed; wooly face/legs.

Horned or polled rams; horns should clear face

Horns that impair animal's quality of life; horned ewes
(scurs are not horns)

Multiple horns

Blackbelly pattern on face, chin, throat, inside legs and ears, under tail

Markings somewhat faded or obscured against dark background; lack of dark body markings

No black belly pattern at all on body or face

Small, wiry body type

Very blocky shape


Short tail, reaching just to hocks; never docked

Long or docked tail

Fat tail

"Badger" face markings; delicate, slender muzzle

Very dark face, obscuring markings

No facial markings at all; Roman nose

Black hooves

White hooves

Semi-pendulous ears or no ears

Extremely upright ears

Animals exhibiting serious genetic flaws, such as monorchidism, cryptorchidism, badly disfiguring malocclusion, adactyl, or similar traits should not be registered or used for breeding.

Animals exhibiting disqualifying traits are not eligible for registration. Excessive undesirable traits may also render an individual animal ineligible for registration if, at the registrar's discretion, such traits seriously challenge the breed identity. Suggestions or questions regarding this "scorecard" are welcome!


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