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Registration Instructions & Information

All sheep must pass inspection prior to registration. This requires that a clear, good-resolution portrait-type photo of the individual be submitted along with the application form. In addition, candidate sheep will fall into one of the following categories and the requirements described below must be completed to qualify the animals for registration.

All sheep submitted for registration must be permanently identified by tattoo or eartag of the breeder's choice. This identification number will stay with the sheep for its entire life, and may not be altered. Registration certifications will reflect this number, as well as any name/identification assigned to the individual animal. It is recommended that a two-part name, consisting of the flock name and an individual name, be assigned to every sheep submitted for registration. ALL sheep registrations will carry the name of the flock of origin; NOT the flock name of a subsequent buyer.

1. Lambs Born to Unregistered Parents
  Lambs born of one OR both unregistered parents may NOT be registered until both parents have been registered.

2. Adult Breeding Sheep
  Adult sheep must have produced a minimum of one live lamb which passes inspection before the parent may be registered. Complete Form "B", and submit with photos and payment. The fee for this service is $7 per animal registered.

3. Offspring of Two Registered Parents
 Once both parents are registered, and the breeder attests in writing to the accuracy of the application, sheep born of two registered parents may be registered upon submission of the photo and application form accompanied by the payment. Either lambs or adult sheep may be registered this way. Complete Form "A" and submit with photos and payment. The fee for this service is $7 per animal registered.

4. Sale or Transfer of Ownership of Registered Sheep
 "Form D" If you are selling/buying a REGISTERED sheep, and wish to have the owner's name on the registration changed, please complete and return this form. Please follow the directions on the form itself regarding other necessary paperwork and fees.

5. Ram "Leasing" or Registering Sheep Born of a Registered Ram YOU do NOT own
If you are NOT the owner of record of the sire of your lamb which you wish to register, please complete Form C. IF you are registering a lamb out of registered parents, and do not own the sire, this form must accompany form A.



If the name of the flock of origin is unknown, an appropriate notation will be made on the registration certificate at the registry's discretion. Breeders may NOT use their herd name on an animal which they have purchased! The owner of the DAM at the time of conception is considered to be the breeder.

Breeders attest in writing to the accuracy of their registration applications. Registrations are always based on planned, controlled breedings. Progeny of sheep from breedings where parentage is uncertain due to exposure of ewes to multiple rams are not eligible for registration.

The registry reserves the right to include/exclude any individual sheep based on its individual merit. This may include - but is not necessarily limited to - compliance with breed standard/type; ability to reproduce in kind; relative freedom from apparent signs of crossbreeding, mismarkings, and excessive woolliness; and demonstrated breeder integrity. Appeals to these decisions will be considered, but the registry reserves the right to the final determination.

Acceptance of any application for registration is based on these stated criteria. Application fees for animals that may be rejected for whatever reason will be refunded at the registry's option. Applicants agree to hold the registry harmless for any decisions it deems appropriate.

These regulations may be amended at any time, at the sole discretion of the registry and/or its administrators.

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