North American
Barbados Blackbelly Sheep Registry
P.O. Box 237, McKean, PA 16426

This form is used when you have rented/leased/borrow a registered ram or service.
Please attach this form to your application for registration.
There is no additional charge for this form.

Name of Ram ________________________________________________________________________

Tattoo/tag # L ______ R _______ Regis. #_________________

Ram Owner's Name____________________________________________________________________

Ram Owner's Address __________________________________________________________________

Name of Ewe _________________________________________________________________________

Tattoo/tag # L ______ R _______ Regis. #__________________

Ewe Owner's Name_____________________________________________________________________

Ewe Owner's Address___________________________________________________________________

Dates of Service _______________________________________________________________________


 I hereby certify that to the best of my belief and knowledge, the information on this application is true and correct:

  signature of ram owner

  signature of ewe owner


copyright 2005 NABSR All rights reserved. Form date 11/02. Rev. 1/05.